I’m Jessica Overholt, a natural-light photographer based in the sunny state of Florida. I love photographing in common, everyday environments that contain a good natural source of light. This could be a park, the beach, urban areas, or even your own backyard/home. Usually familiar areas are the best location for a shoot. They provide a sense of comfort and create a laid-back atmosphere.

Every session is different, because every one of my clients is unique. We will work together and around what you enjoy, creating a fun and relaxed photo session. Please visit my contact page if you are interested in setting up a session!

{ just a wee bit about me }

I’m a sucker for quirky-amazing shoes. My beast of a camera is named Buffalo (it’s okay, he’s nice). I’m  obsessed with linen.  Anything pewter. Coffee please, and sometimes tea. The sound, the sight, the smell of pouring rain. Wellies (Wellington boots). J.CREW.